Honestly, I don't even know where to start. I've been thinking on what to say in this post since a few hours ago- and now I forgot everything about it. This is a poopy introduction, but hey, it's an introduction nonetheless.

Hi! How are you? Good? Cool.

That should have been at the top of the post, but who cares.

Anyway, I haven't been posting anything since last January, maybe? Also, if you've been here a few times, you might've realized that I have completely wiped out my last posts from its existence. I have a few reasons to that, and my explanation is probably the reason why I decided to sit and type away on my keyboard today. First of all, after a few months of thinking- which I didn't do- I realized that this blog is pointless. I know, I'm a bit slow on that one, haha.

This blog evolves entirely on me spilling out everything about my personal stories, some are icky, some are nice, some are definitely.. intolerable. I've complained about so much since the day I made this space of pure heart-leaking tales, and without even noticing, that I scratched a few feelings. I know now that writing about all the people around me alone is very risky. They can get a little too stalk-y and at the end of the day, found out that I've been writing complete crap about them. And honestly? I doesn't always end that well. Whatever it is that I've been saying about them will engrave forever in their memories, that not even my thousand apologies could erase. I take this opportunity to say sorry to my best duo- Star and Moon, whom I have disappointed countless times. Whatever happens, even if my words deny so, you will always make up my sky, and you shine very bright in my heart. Cheesy, yes, but I'm a fan fiction writer, after all.

I can't even bring myself to read my old posts, and since it will become a subject of ridicule among my friends who will find my blog, I quickly wiped it all off. Squeaky clean, though not too. I didn't delete this blog entirely, though, because I've been burning the midnight oil just to make it pretty enough for me to lay eyes on. Besides, seeing this blog the way it is now will help me remember how willed I am to decorate everything. (And also that I'm the worst blogger in the planet).

I changed a few here and there, to fit who I am now. I am no longer that lovesick girl you see writing posts about her partner. She doesn't exist anymore, and taking her place is me, another girl who is just.. her. Cheesy alert! I forgot what to say now, because all I know is that I have a lot of errands than just to sit here biting my nails and brainstorming about what to say next. So I'll leave the blog as it is now, and this is probably my last post. Just probably. 

xo, min.